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Personal and professional development in your life and work

Here to support your life and work journey

Are you living in a way that supports you and those around you? Do your beliefs support you? Are you aligned in your life in and beyond work? 

Centre for Change was founded in 2007 by two former lawyers, on their journey of exploration and discovery. The sudden loss of one underlines how important it is to embrace the here and now, as well as plan for the future.

Chris Hadfield, the remaining co-founder, supports clients on their personal and professional journey. He facilitates individual, team and organisational development and change.

Chris is based in London and works with top global law firms and companies, across many cultures. He is an international coach, supervisor, trainer and facilitator.

With his strong focus on supporting clients, in their transitions, Chris draws on his diverse experiences, including being a lawyer, actor, MBA tutor in creativity, innovation and change, integrative arts psychotherapist, coach and supervisor. He supports clients to be authentic,  effective leaders and excellent team players. He encourages deep awareness of self and others and empowering working relationships by nurturing potential and sustainable balance in and beyond work.

What clients say...

Chris is a “first class coach, great tutor and truly brilliant facilitator of change.”

He brings a “lovely balance of challenge, warmth and reassurance, based on deep knowledge. He is hugely credible.”

“Chris is a fantastic facilitator and receives glowing feedback from those who work with him”