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Supporting clients during times of transition

Helping identify opportunities and overcome blocks

Chris Hadfield has extensive experience working with lawyers, GC’s, CEO’s, COO’s, finance directors, consultants, TV executives, marketing and IT professionals, arts organisations, artists, musicians, actors and more. Chris works with individuals, teams, organisations and the wider systems in which they work in private, public and charitable sectors.

In the legal sector, Chris is delighted to work with some of the most eminent lawyers in their field, group leaders, partners at all stages in their career, senior associates and support services. Client firms range from those with a global presence to more niche practices.

He helps clients identify opportunities and overcome blocks, in order to move forward with congruency, even if that means change in careers and wider lives.

What clients say...

Barrister and former partner

"There aren’t many people on this planet that I can genuinely say have changed my life, but you are one of them. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough for all the help you gave me."

Partner, Global Law Firm

"I cannot find sufficient words to thank you and express my gratitude for all your efforts and support. I liked your wonderful coaching style, openness and honesty. You helped me in better understanding my challenges, profile, goals and areas of development. I really enjoyed every bit of our discussions. I will continue to reflect on our discussions throughout my personal development process. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues."